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Choosing the right tools!

Choosing Pruning Tool for the Job

The blades don’t fit the branch and, after wrestling to cut it, the plant is damaged and your hands ache. Guilty as charged! You are struggling with the wrong pruning tool

With the right hand pruners, you should be able to get a nice, crisp cuts and clean slices—easily and readily— without any collateral damage to the plants or you!

When it comes to garden tools, do not choose many, just good quality tools that are long-lasting and get the job done.

Choosing Pruners

No pruner fit all situations. If you try to make one tool work for all cuts, you will injure both the plant/tree, the tool, and perhaps yourself (by forcing the tool to do things it’s not made to do).

If you’re just needing a pruner for a small one-time job, try to borrow one. If you’re needing pruners for ongoing garden maintenance, you’ll probably only need a few different ones to keep everything pruned, primped, and healthy.

Points to ponder upon:

· What are you cutting? Flowers? Grasses? Vines? Shrubs? Branches?

· How tough is it to cut? Pruners and loppers are usually enough, but really tough jobs may require ratchet pruners, or saws.

· How big are the largest branches (in diameter)? Choose pruners, loppers, and pruning saws based on this cutting measurement.

· Do you have any strength or mobility issues with your hands or arms ? If so, look for lighter weight tools with soft grip handles

Can you reach it from the ground or is it up in a tree?Never prune anything overhead! If you need help reaching, find the right tool (or person) for the job.

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