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Snake Plant is a type of indoor plant which is native to Nigeria, West Africa. It is known by other names such as Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and viper's bowstring hemp.

What’s a Snake plant?

Snake plant is a type of succulent. It is a tough indoor plant that can grow anywhere with minimal maintenance. Its long leaves with bright yellow border make it a very beautiful looking indoor plant one can get, Because of this shape of leaves it is also called as mother-in-law's tongue.

Why should I get a Snake plant?

Apart from being one of the beautiful succulent plants, It also proved to be very helpful for us. It eliminates many harmful toxins found in the air such as formaldehyde, xylene, and nitrogen. This means that now you can protect yourself from these invisible toxins which are present in the air indoor. These toxins are spread in the air when harsh cleaners were used or when the new carpet was put or plywood or paint.

Since childhood, we know that plants release oxygen when they are exposed to sunlight and carry photosynthesis while at night plants do a process called respiration where they uptake oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Well in the case of the Snake plant it does not matter whether it is shine or dark they release only fresh healthy oxygen.

Hence many people say having this plant in your bedroom brings good dreams, No wonder they say that!

What else?

Snake plant is an inexpensive houseplant and surprisingly it is cheap to maintain too. Apart from that now no need for you to get worried about the space as they grow vertically, So they can be put anywhere you want at your place still you find them adding beauty.

It is a tough plant as they can easily live more than 10 years and are hard to be killed. They tend to adjust themselves anywhere according to the environment.

How to maintain it and from where to get it?

You can buy a beautiful full-grown or baby Snake plant from us, Once you get it you don’t have to worry about light as they can grow in both low and bright sunlight, Indirect light should be your ideal choice.

Not much water is needed for this plant as their required watering intervals would be once in two to three weeks when you feel they require water. Once in a while just dust off leaves to keep them healthy.

Feed the plant with some all-purpose plant food during the growing seasons which would help them to thrive, It can be easily divided if outgrown from your pot.

Looking at these you can easily interpret that Snake plant is an inexpensive, Low-maintenance beautiful plant for your home interiors and office places that add a look of elegance to the places they occupy.

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