A Bit About Us

NK Agrotech is a Startup based out of Gandhidham, Gujarat.The company was founded in 2014, as a multi brand distributor of various garden product, with an idea to be the India’s biggest garden décor brand.It took the company couple of years to move from an idea stage to the initial set up, and the journey has just begun. We have a long way to go, and we are sure to enjoy every milestone as we move along.The company has now its own manufacturing facility of FRP designer pots which is our flagship product.

We manufacture and hand pick all our products according to the modern consumer taste, bringing to you a compelling range of products that fit all budgets.

The business is managed under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. Himanshu, the CEO. All the key personnel keep abreast 
of latest global development in the Horticulture Industry by various means. The group enjoys very high status in the society and business world with it' elite client base


Himanshu prides in possessing the greatest assets i.e.People. On the Board and as well down the line.
The Board is made of a well-groomed business fraternity. Energetic and dynamic businessmen with divergent specialties and vast experience. They are complemented with professional managers and skilled workforce.

To delight customers by providing excellent service


Creating beautiful landscapes that exceed our clients’ expectations and enhance the environment

Investing in latest technology and techniques has always been a tradition at NK AgroTech. This has made Himanshu a front-runner, ahead of times. State-of-the-art equipments and in-house facility have enhanced the performance levels, while personnel trained by the principals, both inland and abroad is a cutting edge.Regular training and motivation programs for field staffs have heralded a competitive team that's always ahead of its targets.

Its in the blood as they say in the baniya's to be a successful businessman.We always believed that customer is a king ,so all these years in our other ventures, we have worked hard for our customers to provide them quality service and hospitality.